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Serving Special Needs Community

We equip each individual with a program that will help them succeed in life.

Our Mission

At Shine Academy our mission is to serve the special needs community with care, compassion, and love. We realize that each individual at Shine academy is a special gift, with special gifting and we make it our mission to help them achieve their full potential in life as they enter adulthood. We agree to meet them where they are in life skills to help expand their capabilities as a confident and independent community member.

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Our program is structured like none other. We are driven by the individual needs and their strengths. Instead of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, we want to work with the individuals strengths and interests and build on their foundation. Our program offers life skills in a non conventional way by using motivators to help expand their world through experience and community interaction. The goal is to provide life skills they are lacking so they can become more confident and independent members of their community.

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