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Founders Kenny and Nikki Matias' vision started with their youngest son to be accepted and included regardless of disability or difference. They have 2 sons and at the birth of their second son, Quinn, they were launched into a whirlwind adventure they hadn’t planned for. Quinn was born with a heart condition called dilated cardiomyopathy, a chromosome disorder, later diagnosed with severe autism, and nonverbal. Everyday life was a challenge and school was no exception. Unfortunately, as Quinn got older the school system got harder and less willing to cooperate with his unique needs. Like many families with special needs, they decided to pull Quinn from public school post COVID and homeschool. At that point it became clear that there needed to be something more for families in the same position. 


Both Kenny and Nikki are active community members. Kenny worked at Nike for almost 20 years and currently works at Klutch Athletics. Nikki has a degree in teaching elementary education and has been a part-time instructor at her local community college, leading team building and leadership sessions at many high schools. Together, they launched the school program Stand Up. Be the One to local schools. As parents of 2 sons (1 with Special Needs), they recognized a need within communities to help support families, and youth by offering awareness in life skills. 



Life Skills Facilitator


Assistant Life Skills Facilitator

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